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Ricci Method was established in 2012 by three friends bringing together their own interpretation of coffee culture. As first generation Australians growing up in Mediterranean households, coffee was the beverage complementing every social interaction. Together we decided to replicate and enhance our experiences of the coffee process from the sourcing of high quality raw green beans through to developing a unique roasting method.

The current surge of Coffee Micro Roasters is enriching the coffee experience in the same way that the “Garagiste” movement has impacted on the diversity of wine and the Micro-brewers in the uniqueness of beer.

Our Ricci Method seeks to enhance the variety and pleasure in the coffee experience. By pioneering a Wood Fired method of roasting in Victoria, we have raised the standard of Artisan Roasted Coffee to a new level. Our wood fired process uses a select range of timbers carefully adapted to the varieties of green beans. The slow, gentle roasting infuses the timber notes into the beans creating the unique character and taste of our coffee.

We craft our products to not only satisfy the coffee aficionado but to also introduce it to those as yet uninitiated to the delicate subtleties and characteristics that we are able to bring out in our blends.

It is with great satisfaction that we have developed our unique roasting method. In sharing this with you we sincerely aim to maximise your drinking pleasure in all that we produce.

Buon Caffe!





Our BUON GIORNO blend, is a blend of prime Arabica beans sourced from Brazil and Colombia with the addition of some premium Robusta to add an extra kick of caffeine which will get you going in the morning. This is a coffee for the serious caffeine kick!

Our BUON GIORNO Blend has been slowly wood fire roasted to bring out the chocolate, caramel and earthy flavours which are typical of Brazilian coffee with the addition of Colombian beans to add some fruitiness and acidity. The Coffee is rounded off with the some premium Robusta for that caffeine kick and the wonderful “crema” which can only be enjoyed from a good espresso. BUON GIORNO can be enjoyed both with and without milk.


Our BUONA SERA blend, is a blend of prime Arabica beans sourced from Colombia and

Costa Rica. It has been slowly wood fire roasted to bring out the fruitiness of the Colombian and Costa Rican beans. Although it can be enjoyed at any time of the day both with and without milk it has been specially prepared as an evening coffee, hence its name, which is ideally enjoyed after a beautiful dinner. Don’t let us influence you though….drink it whenever you like!

single oRIGIN & DECAF

At Ricci Method we produce premium single origin roasts to cater for your needs. We select high quality small batch green beans and roast them to perfection. We constantly vary our origins to give you something new to try on a regular basis. Contact us for more information about the current single origins available.

At Ricci Method we use a high grade water processed decaffeinated bean to give you a rich full bodied coffee.



We’re a small business that exists because you exist. We want to work with you and use our extensive knowledge and experience to help grow your business.

The coffee you choose to serve is one of the most important decisions your business will make and we respect the trust you put in us as your roaster of choice. A coffee is more than what’s in the cup, it’s a personal experience, and we aim to build a professional relationship with you that reflects this experience.

We will support you with ongoing training for beginners jumping on the espresso machine for the first time to experienced baristas looking to tweak and perfect their skills.

We can provide assistance and advise you on all coffee equipment purchases and have the ability to supply equipment based on your individual needs and requirements.


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